How To Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Website?

Hi , Guyz , Today's topic is How to How To Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Website. Reduce bounce rate is the goal for every blogger who is chasing the target of making it’s blog successful. Before discussing about how & why to Reduce bounce rate of blog, first we have to know What is Bounce Rate ?
” Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who visit blogs or websites through landing page and leave the blog or website without viewing or visiting more pages “.
How Much Bounce Rate is Good or Bad ?
The image below will describe you…

How to Calculate Bounce Rate of Your Website ?
Bounce Rate = Total number of visitors viewing only 1 page / Total number of all visits on the blog
If your blog has received 1,000 total visits / month and 500 of them has bounced from the blog
Then Your Bounce Rate will be 500 / 1,000 = 0.50 ( 50 % )
What Factors really affects the Bounce Rate ? 

  • Written Content
  • Blog  Navigation
  • Design of the Blog
  • Used Pop ups in the Blogs
  • Placing Ad banners in the Blog

Now How To Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Website?

If your blog is facing the problem of high bounce rate then don’t worry about How to Reduce Bounce Rate of your website. Here are some useful tricks to reduce bounce rate of your website.
1 – Write Information Rich Content
If your written blog post has poor quality content, then definitely reader has no more things to read in your blog, this may not encourage the readers of your blog to read more posts. To Solve this problem you have to do great research before writing the posts, So you can share more useful information with your blog posts to reduce bounce rate.
Writing useful content is not enough only, but for this there should be step by step description also must to give 5 stars to your information full content. For This I would like to recommend you to note down points on which readers have some confusion and give them solution for those points one by one in your blog posts.
2 – Provide Better or Proper Navigation
Thinking about to proper navigation of your blog will lead to help you to reduce bounce rate easily.
Most of the blogs has lot of first time visitors, but most of the time they fail to convert their first time visitor in to permanent readers because there is the poor navigation in their blogs.
Question – Do you know ? Why lot of Bloggers has not attractive blog Navigation ?
Answer - Because they use free WordPress Themes or any other free platforms which has nothing for users interaction.
Solution – They should choose the Premium WordPress Themes, because most of the premium WordPress themes has lot in its design to bring reader from one page to more pages of their blogs to Reduce Bounce Rate quickly.
3 – External Links 
Now the next point bloggers  must consider How to Reduce Bounce Rate of the Blogs. Bloggers must remember to open external links in new tabs, I always do my maximum efforts to open external links in new tab.
I know lot of bloggers in the world are not doing this… But In my view they should do this.
Bloggers who use WordPress as their blogging platform, can do this without any coding, because when you will add any external link in the post, WordPress offers you to tick to choose the option to open external links in new tab.
4 – Your Blogs Loading Time
If your blogs loading time is high then this may harm your blog, because this descreases the interest of the reader in your blog & this may be the cause of high bounce rate.
Some times slow loading speed Iritates the readers & they leave your blog without visiting more posts & cause high bounce rate, So for this try to Increas loading speed to reduce bounce rate of your blog.
If you want to reduce bounce rate of your blog, then just purchase web hosting service with fast speed because If your blogs loads faster then this will definitely reduce bounce rate of your blog.
6 – Inter Linking the Posts
Be sure that your written posts are inter linked or not ?
If you write any new post then always remember to add at least minimum 3 old posts to every new post.
I always try to Inter link my old 5 – 7 posts with my new posts.
Finding related content with the help of Inter linking the posts will definitely increase the readers engagement on your blog and then this will reduce bounce rate of the blog.
7 – Increase the Search Engine Ranking
If bloggers are getting traffic from the search engines for the targeted keywords then this may give them loyal readers who is actual information seeker and this will give your blog more page views from same visitor.
Intelligent bloggers always try to get maximum traffic from the search engine to reduce bounce rate of their blog, they always focus on the On Page SEO Techniques to get higher search rankings for their blogs to get loyal readers to reduce boucne rate of blog.
8 – Write Short Paragraphs
If you have lot to write and want to describe most of related things in the same posts, then Remember one thing you should describe the topic in various and small paragraphs.
Long Paragraphs may loss the readers interest on your blog post  & cause high bounce rate.
You should write short paragraphs which contains maximum 3- 4 sentences in it to reduce bounce rate easily.
9 – Write On Single Niche Topic
If bloggers write about lot of topics which are not inter related with each other then they lost their first time visitor.
I observed, to reduce bounce rate you must write your blog on single topic, So your readers can find more content on similar topic about which they are searching on the net.
By writing on single & related topics bloggers may be able to reduce bounce rate in high ration of their blogs.

If you have some more tips to reduce bounce rate then please share in comments. Thanks for reading tips about to reduce bounce rate of your blog.

Tips To Keep Visitors Coming Back To Your Blog

Many bloggers would say that getting traffic to your blog is the most difficult part for a blogger but I can tell you that retaining the traffic and visitor you have built over time is even more difficult than getting them.
Most people would visit your blog for the first time and they would not return to your blog again, and that’s one visitor you just lost.

There are tips and basic traffic retaining secrets you can implement in order to keep people coming back to your blog for more. Yes I mean what I just said.
I remember when I started out blogging, I used to get lots of visitors to my blog but my problem was keeping them glued to my blog. I tried writing more often thinking this was the solution as most newbie blogger would think, but it never helped me in retaining my blogs traffic.
In this article, i’ll guide you through my secrets to getting repeat visitors to my blog. If you can apply my various strategies which I would be listing below, you would notice a drastic change in the way your traffic would grow and this time the repeat traffic.

5 Ways To Get Repeat Traffic To Your Blog

1. Write Detailed and Lengthy Posts

One thing most people respect about a blogger is the way he or she writes their article. Visitors tend to have this feeling of coming back to any blog that gives them a solution to their problems, and not just a solution to their problem but in a detailed and self expository manner.
I don’t necessarily mean that your blog post must be lengthy, but it must be detailed enough to give solution to the reader and this in turn would be a tool to encourage the reader to come back next time on your blog for more.

2. Newsletters List Forms Positioning

When designing your blog’s theme, try to turn your first time readers into your list in order to get repeat traffic to your blog by placing your Newsletter Opt in form below post.
You might wonder why most blog’s you visit put a subscribe to Newsletter form below post content, here is the reason. After a new visitor goes through reading a blog post on your blog, if you truly obeyed the first rule above as I said (Write Detailed and lengthy Posts), the new reader, out of excitement that he or she found the solution to a given problem or a nicely written article on your blog would likely opt in for your Newsletter List if the form is placed at the bottom. Now you see why you need to place a Subscribe to List form below your post.
With your list, you can in subsequent times send out Newsletter with links to your articles and get  those visitors coming back to your blog to read.

3. Social Media Story Telling

Just like the newsletter opt in forms, also find positions where to place your fanbox and other social networks connection so as to get a nice turn in to your social connections. Now here is how to get them to come back to read your articles.
After you make a new post on your blog, write an interesting story on your social media page, for instance write a story on your facebook fanpage related to the post you just published and give them a link to complete the story or post on your blog. Out of curiosity, most social media fan would click through the link to your blog in order to read the full post. This is one great tip to get repeat traffic to your blog.

    4. Create New Article From Questions By Commentators

    Some people who leave a comment on your blog might ask a question on something related to the article, one thing I do in such cases is create a new article that suits the question, now I reply to the comment on my blog with a link to the newly written article. With the help of Send email only on Reply to My Comment Plugin, they would receive a mail concerning the reply, and once the are on my blog to read the reply, the follow the link to the new article. This is a simple trick to keep them coming back to your blog.

    Now Your Turn

    These are simple laid down rules I follow to keep visitors coming back to my blog or get repeat traffic or as you might call it. I hope you implement this tips in order to get the best.
    What are your views? Let us know using the comment box below.

    How Google Plus Is Useful For Blogging

    Google plus is working just like oxygen for blogging business from last 1- 2 years. Every expert blogger is writing about advantages of Google plus for blogging and every new blogger want to know, how to get benefits from Google plus in getting success in Blogging Business. 
    Most of the successful & famous bloggers says Google plus is the spinal cord for good future of any blog. You also have read at various blogs, but here I am going to describe in details in how many ways Google plus for blogging is must for and how many Adavantages of Google plus can be taken by bloggers.

     Google Plus for Blogging

    There are many & many advantages of Google plus for blogging, but here we are going to discuss some top benefits.
    1 – To Create Community 
    Community is the biggest thing which is highly needed by the bloggers. In the field of blogging, it is very necessary for the bloggers to be keep in touch with other bloggers of at least same niche, If bloggers are in touch with other bloggers of other niches then this is the fantastic.
    All this can happen when they create the community of the bloggers and now a days Google plus is the best place to develop a community in best way.
    You just need to create a community and give it the related name to the community according to the purpose of developing it. And just start inviting peoples to join it.
    In this way you and your blog will be noticed by the other bloggers and you will be able to make good relations with other bloggers. This Advantages of Google Plus for blogging related community development is very useful.
    2 – To Get Free Direct Targeted Traffic
    Traffic is the thing to get which every blogger do all possible efforts. And this goal can easily achievable with the help of Google plus.
    Free traffic leads the all Advantages of Google Plus for blogging business. You just need to add more related peoples in your circles and say them to add you back in their circles.
    Bloggers should share their every blog posts with their friends and in communities also to get free targeted traffic to their blogs. To get higher traffic from your every sharing try to be in maximum peoples circles which are related to you and your work.
    By this strategy you will get huge traffic as an advantages of Google plus for blogging business.
    3 – To Increase Search Engine Ranking
    Higher search ranking with the help of Google plus is among major advantages of google plus for blogging. I personally feel and doing observation from long time on how Google plus helps the bloggers to get higher search ranking.
    Some of my blog posts have less google pluses in numbers in starting & when ever number of Google pluses increases, search ranking of my blog posts also increases. This is my personal observation on search ranking of blog posts.
    The main goal of seo is to get higher ranking and Google plus alone can help you to save your lot of time & money which you waste in seo. And automatic seo is also among great advantages of Google plus for blogging.
    4 – To Show Bloggers Profile Photo ( Google Authorship ) in Search Engine 
    Showing your identity in Google search with your profile photo can only be possible with the help of Google plus. Google plus helps the bloggers to create Google authorship by following some easy steps.
    1.  - Create about page in your blog or website.
    2.  - Add this about page in the contributor to section in your profile page.
    3.  - Go to Your WordPress profile, and add ( rel=”author” ) with URL of your Google plus profile.
    This is also among top Advantages of Google plus for blogging business.
    5 – To Make Your Brand Name with Google plus Page
    Google plus page works just like Facebook page. Every blogger know the value of creating business pages in Social media sites.
    Google plus pages gives same benefits of it. When ever bloggers share any blog posts in the Google plus pages they created, It shows in the front of all the peoples who did Plus or following this page.
    Creating Google plus page with name of your blog or website or business make your blog branded, If your Google plus page has more pluses or followers on it, this shows your blog is more popular and great brand image in your niche.
    All above mentioned advantages of Google plus for blogging are really good and effectively benefitial for bloggers. I have shared all advantages of Google plus for blogging according to my personal experience with Google plus.
    If you really liked above advantages of google plus for blogging, please share it on social media sites, If you know some more advantages of Google plus for blogging, feel free to share in comments below. Thanks.

    Tips to Improve Blog Writing Skills

    Writing a good post should be like having an engaging conversation with someone. You want it to be personal, inviting, and enjoyable. It should be able to communicate your ideas effectively where you come off as reliable source of information. By developing and honing your writing you give yourself a unique voice. Here we are sharing some really effective tips which will help you to Improve blog writing skills to the next level from current position..

    Tips to Improve Blog Writing Skills

    All the below mentioned tips are very important. So Don’t Miss any one….
    1 – Killer starting 
    Your content from the starting of the first line must look very important to the readers, So they don’t leave your blog after reading 2 – 3 lines only.
    Start your post with killer headline or killer paragraph which attract the readers attention from the first line. Killer starting of the blog post content will only force the readers to spend their more time on your blog.
    2 – Make Command on the language 
    Bloggers must be perfect in the language in which they are describing the content. Most of the bloggers in the world write in the english language.
    I would like to suggest all bloggers to avoid gramatical mistakes in your blog posts. In the eyes of readers of your blog, you are the expert and as being an expert there is no space for any kind of language or gramatical mistakes.
    3 – Research before Writing
    Bloggers must do research on the topic on which they are going to start writing. For this you must know the topic and start doing research about that topic and start collecting maximum useful information about the topic.
    If you will write the content of the blog post after great reasearch, then you will be able to share more useful information in the content of your blog posts. Research about the topic of the post is really helpful for bloggers to improve blog writing skills effectively.
    4 – Be Descriptive 
    Write in details about the topic. Do not write short content which can not explain the readers what you exactly want to describe in your post.
    Step by step written long posts in parts of short paragraphs are most effective technique to describe your knowledge. This will definitely improve your blog writing skills to get more time of the readers on your written content.
    5 – Write in Structure      
    Your written content must be well structured to be clear for the readers.
    What to do to write content in Structure ?
    You can write structured content by following this…
    Introduction : What is the topic ? What is the Question or Problem ?
    Description : Discuss with the reader & describe your knowledge about the answer with the readers.
    Conclusion or Results : Give the best final solution in the Summary to make satisfy your readers.
    6 – Adopt your own Writing style
    Do not copy other bloggers or writers style. I would like to suggest you to be original & write in your own style.
    To improve your blog writing skills, Use of your own writing style is very important this will bring more regular readers.
    7 – Be Practical
    You must share real things, If you can share your own experiences about the topic then this will add more stars in your blog writing skills .
    8 – Be in the Flow like Water
    Bloggers should not mis lead the readers from the main topic, from starting to end bloggers must be in the flow in one direction.
    For good blog writing skills it is very necessary to be focus only on the topic at the time of writing the post.
    I have shared all factors in my knowledge to improve blog writing skills, I also apply some points to improve my blog writing skills. If you know some more tips to improve blog writing skills then please share in comments below.

    Best Web Hosting For Wordpress Blogs

    If bloggers are really going to launch new blog with strong business plan, Then choosing the Best web hosting to host their blog is also very important part of decision taking to start blog.
    Best hosting for WordPress blogs works like spinal cord of a blog. If blogger has chosen any wrong web hosting service provider then there is no guarantee about to run their blog for a long time.
    Bad web hosting for WordPress blogs may kill your hard work which you have done on your blog after spending lot of time and this may bring you back to the point from where you started your blog.
    Here below we are going to help the bloggers to choose perfect web hosting for their blogs by sharing some useful tips based on our experiences.
    At the time of selecting Best Web Hosting for WordPress Blogs, you must consider some factors which we are describing below to find Best Web Hosting easily.
    PhOtO CrediTs :- GuRi

    Tips to Choose Best web hosting for wordpress blogs

    1 – Price of Hosting 
    Hosting service at reasonable price may be in race of perfect web hosting , Budget of the blog matters a lot to run blogging business. Web Hosting for WordPress blogs must be at affordable prices.
    2 – Hosting Uptime
    Perfect web hosting is that which has uptime near by 100 % and bloggers must choose those web hosting for WordPress blogs which has highest uptime in the Industry.
    Search engine always give priority to rank high for those blogs which has lowest down time. So I would like to recommend you to choose hosting service with highest up time.
    3 – Reliability Must the Priority
    Some factors make the perfect web hosting service provider company reliable & Trustable.
    A – After sale Support Service
    B – Their Commitments about Refund Policy
    C – Web Hosting company must be branded and known by every one.
    Best web hosting company must have all above 3 factors. Some famous Best web hosting for WordPress blogs are as follows just like.
    4 – Back Up Facility
    You must ask your web hosting company about their back facility If have forgotten to take back up your latest blog posts. Some times bloggers loss their all work done on their blogs If they forgot to take back up of their blogs.
    But If their web hosting service provider company has this facility in their services then They can save your blog. So I strongly suggest to consider before to choose Best web hosting for WordPress Blogs.
    5 – Read Reviews
    Most of the bloggers write their reviews about perfect web hosting which they used to host their blogs. Before selecting the web hosting for WordPress blogs, I would like to suggest you to read reviews about the web hosting services written by other bloggers.
    6 – Extra Offers 
    Most of the web hosting for WordPress Blogs offers some extra offers like Discount Offers, Free domain name, some free templates etc..
    7 – Compare top Service Providers in Industry
    The comparision may be done based on some factors among the service providers of Web hosting for WordPress blogs.
    A – How Much Bandwidth they are offering.                                          
    B – How much space they are offering & on what prices.
    C – Rating given in reviews by the top Bloggers in the Industry.
    D – From how many years they are providing services for blog hosting.
    I have shared my best knowledge about perfect web hosting . Most of the bloggers also apply these tips to find web hosting for WordPress blogs in best way.
    Thanks for reading about to choose Best web hosting for WordPress blogs here. If you have some more ideas to select Best web hosting for WordPress blogs then please share below in comments. Thanks.