Common mistakes in blogging

New bloggers has less knowledge of blogging and they do lot of mistakes which old bloggers don’t do this. But the very big problem in front of new bloggers are they don’t know, which blogging mistakes to avoid at the time of blog writing in a effective way. There are lot of Common mistakes in blogging by newbies. Here we are describing in details which Common mistakes in blogging by new bloggers here.

Top 10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid by Bloggers

15 Alternatives to Google AdSense

Now in these days everyone wants to earn money faster and google adsense is the best way to earn no doubt but some other ad companies are also doing the great job paying for click. I have listed some ad networks. Try these ads networks.For thier approvement your blog should be perffect


How to Start a Blog with right methods

There is one thing which supports every blog from back side.. that is perfect strategy..
The biggest tips for starting a blog and running it is …. …. Be Determined and Be Creative…
The major habit of all successful bloggers are to follow the latest change according to the changing habits of the readers and most of the successful bloggers share their views on how to start a blog successfully.
I am sharing there tips for starting a blog which I applied and you should follow….
tips for starting a blog

Follow these tips for starting a blog –  My top 8 Advices

How to Select Domain Name for Blog

Choosing a domain name is the first and major step which decides the future of your blog.
Domain  names are the identity of every blog and how to select domain name for blog must be apply on choosing it.
Deciding of domain name of blog is just like to give the name to newly born baby.
I always take help from top blogs which contains guide and how to select domain name for blog.
Great research on the net about domain names of the successful blog is common task of my starting of new blogs.
Here I am sharing the how to select domain name for blog which I always follow to give name to my blog.
Domain name means –
In - is a domain name
Tips to select domain name

How to Select Domain name for Blog

Link Building Techniques

Link building techniques are most effective way of off page optimization of the web pages in the search engines. Every one knows about the link building methods, But success goes to those who do it brilliantly. Bloggers or seo companies which follow the link building techniques according to the changes in Google algorithms. There are lot of penguin updates by Google which every blogger has to follow and change their link building techniques time to time. There are some effective link building techniques which i like to follow most of the time.
link building techniques
                                                                                                                          Image Credit

Uses of High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

Most of the seo companies or bloggers mostly use high pr social bookmarking sites list to do bookmarking of the URL of the websites or blogs. We recently updated this high pr social bookmarking sites list in which some are among the most popular social bookmarking sites and some are do follow also. You can use this high PR social bookmarking sites list to make your site bookmarked. This high pr social bookmarking sites list is arranged according to the page rank from high to low.

Best High PR Social Bookmarking sites List
    high pr social bookmarking sites list
  1. PR – 8,
  2. PR – 8,
  3. PR – 8,                                                                                         
  4. PR – 8,
  5. PR – 8,
  6. PR – 8,
  7. PR – 7,
  8. PR – 7,
  9. PR – 7,
  10. PR – 7,
  11. PR – 7,
  12. PR – 7,
  13. PR – 7,
  14. PR – 7,

Easy ways to make money online.. learn How to earn...

It is like the very big surprise to the readers of this post, that they can make money by blogging online from home. When I heard first time that any one can make money by blogging, then I really surprised and started searching on the internet how can I earn money by blogging. And after reading many blogs and posts I found the answer of my question and I started writing blogs.
There are many successful Bloggers in India who are doing blog writing and they make money by blogging. These bloggers are earning many lacks per month by creating blog and writing posts daily in that. They always write information full posts in their blogs for the readers and They earn good amount of monthly income from It.

Easy ways to make money online.
image credits :- GuRi

The REAL Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is riding high right now and the whole Internet Marketing sphere is buzzing with talk about it. Some people consider guest blogging to be one of the more powerful of available tactics, while others disparage this viewpoint, saying that guest blogging is highly misunderstood and that people are misusing it.

In my  opinion, both mindsets are correct. how guest blogging is powerful and how it is misused by many who have failed to understand the scope of awesomeness in this practice we call guest blogging.

How Best Blogs about Blogging helps in perfection of New Bloggers

For the kick start up of the blogs by the new bloggers, perfection is very necessary. And perfection comes after proper guide by reading best blogs about blogging. These kind of best blogs about blogging contains useful guide such as :
  • Tips about creating blogs using top blogging platforms.
  • How to write posts in our blogs which may attract the readers.
  • Promotion of the blogs using social media & top seo techniques etc.
  • How to increase reader ship and How to get readers back on our blogs again and again.
  • The Secret ways of the Most popular bloggers about blogging
To know more about how best blogs about blogging helps us in becoming great blogger. Find and surf the lists of best blogs about blogging below.

Why SEO Optimization Techniques are important

Success of the any blogs or web pages directly depends on the off page and on page optimization of the posts. On page seo optimization techniques are usually follows at the time of creating the posts. A perfectly written and fully optimized posts are working like rocket in the search engines. Perfectly applied on page seo optimization techniques are always make the web pages search engine friendly, So search engines can refer your content in front of users for their search needs. In this way on page work complete around 50 % of SEO work by following simple steps below.

Uses of Microblogging Sites List

Microblogging sites are very trending among the bloggers because they may be very useful for the viral promotion of the blogs posts. Most of the successful bloggers always make use of high page rank microblogging sites list to share their every written post in their blogs. Here we are sharing  Microblogging sites list which may be very useful for the bloggers in doing successful online promotion of the blogs.

Free Press Release Sites List

Writing attractive press release and distribute that in important sites from free press release sites list given below is the major and most effective way to improve ranking of the web pages in the search engines. Taking useful free press release sites list from the seo blogs written by the seo experts and search engine analysts and submission of the press release in the below free press release sites list written by writer is the effective step you can also check other article submission sites  which I always follow to increase page rank of my new blogs. Because after latest penguin updates I knew that press release distribution is the most preferred way of seo companies for the search engine optimization of the websites. Below I am sharing free press release sites list to help the web masters or new bloggers who are willing to submit press release.

Article Submission Sites

The actual Role of Article Submission sites in SEO like Glowing sun with extra energy. Writing articles and submit that article in the high page rank article sites gives the websites higher search ranking in the search engines. There are lot of seo companies in the field of search engine optimization which use the article submission sites to provide article submission service to their coustoumers. You can check here the top 50 SEO Blogs. Article submission is the most effective link building technique which gives the web master high page rank back links. Web masters and bloggers also get some traffic to their web pages directly from the links of their websites into the articles submitted in the directory.
 Below I am sharing the useful and best article submission sites list. Some of the article sites may be free and some article directories may be paid.

Article Submission Sites List

Best 50 SEO Blogs

Do you want to learn seo and want to be master in seo then you just need to put you little potential at these top 50 SEO blogs. The written guide of seo experts. Most of the experts are like to write about techniques of seo and smo according latest updates by the search engines. Top seo analysts are always like to write and read best50 SEO Blogs of the famous bloggers about link building, on page and off page optimization. Most of the seo blogs contains information about the social media strategies also to guide is in making social media strategy to bring the post higher in the search engine ranking. These top 50 seoblogs are ranked according to our personal like level.