Common mistakes in blogging

New bloggers has less knowledge of blogging and they do lot of mistakes which old bloggers don’t do this. But the very big problem in front of new bloggers are they don’t know, which blogging mistakes to avoid at the time of blog writing in a effective way. There are lot of Common mistakes in blogging by newbies. Here we are describing in details which Common mistakes in blogging by new bloggers here.

Top 10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid by Bloggers

1 –  Multi Topic Blogging -
Avoid to make a blog which is multi topic blog. Try to make blog on single topic.
2 – Over SEO of Blogs -
Doing over seo is harmful for ranking of the blogs in the search enignes. We recommend to do this blogging mistakes to avoid.
3 – Not Updating Blogs -
No Proper updation of blog make blog dead. So try to update blog regularly by writing new posts consistently.
4 – Blogging for Money Only -
Blogging for Money is going to make you fail in blogging….. So just do blogging to solve problems of your readers and to guide them also.
5 – Not Accepting Comments -
If their is no facility to take comments in your blog then quickly solve this problem. I would like to suggest you to add good comment system in your blog and….. Do not forget to reply on the comments of your blog….
6 – Copying the Content -
Habit of copying the other bloggers is not going to give any new thing to your readers. So…. Be Original and bring something new to the readers.
7 – Not Communicating with other Bloggers -
If you are not communicating to the other bloggers then this very big mistake. So I would to say this blogging mistakes to avoid by making good relation with other bloggers.
8 – No Quality Only Quantity -
Writing posts to update blog only is not good, if you are not sharing useful information with your readers.
9 – Avoiding Social Media Sites
If bloggers are not doing promotion of the blogs through social media sites, then this will make your blog totally dependent on search engines which will destroy future of your blog…. Because… Google is changing  its strategies month by month. Wise bloggers always try to do this blogging mistakes to avoid.
10 – Not Sharing Personal Experience -
If you are a blogger, then you must share your personal experience and tricks of blogging. If you are not doing this then your blog is not interesting for the readers. Because There is more craze among the readers to know about the personal experience of the bloggers.
All the above mentioned blogging mistakes to avoid by bloggers can improve the blogging experince of the bloggers. These 10 Common mistakes In blogging is written according to my personal experience of blog writing. So I would like to suggest readers to do blogging mistakes to avoid time to time. Thanks for reading these blogging mistakes to avoid . If you like this post, then I would like to request you to share this post in social media sites to make your blogger friends aware about blogging mistakes to avoid. Thank you very much.


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