How To Make High Earning And More Profitable Blog (Micro Niche Blogs)

Micro Niche Blogs – What are these ?

Hi Guyz today i am here to share some methods to make successful and more earning blogs. As per Guidenes of some proffesionals Single Topic as a Subject of your blog will be called as Micro niche Blog
If you make your blog on any single category like WordPress, Web hosting, Social media etc. will called micro niche blogs. For Example – If you will create any blog which is related to only web hosting, then that blog will be called Micro Niche Blogs about web hosting.
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Running Micro Niche Blogs are More Profitable

Visiting micro niche blogs are always the first choice of the information seekers to get knowledge according to their requirement.
Blogs which are made on single topic always receive targeted readers and If bloggers join the related affiliate programs to the niche of your blog, then there are always more chances to earn from affiliate program added in your blogs. This makes your blogs More Profitable Blog.
For Example -
If you run a blog related to a product reviews and If you receive 100 unique visitors on your micro niche blogs to read the reviews and compare all the a product which described in your micro niche blogs.
Monthly Unique Visitors = 30 *100 = 3000 ( Monthly Unique Visitors )                            
And if  0.2 % ( means 6 product sale per month ) of them has bought the web hosting of any service provider after clicking through affiliate link on your blog.
And If commision on every single sale is minimum 50 $ , then
Monthly Total Income from your blog will be   = 6 * $ 50 =300 $ per Month.

This is expectation by me, But profit can be some more or less depends on what kind of traffic you are getting on your micro niche blogs.

How to Select Niche for your Micro Blogs ?

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You have to do research about some facts to choose niche for your Micro Niche Blogs.
  • First search about less competitive niche so you can survive easily.
  • Second choose that topic about which there are more affiliate programs available.
  • Third search for those topic about guest bloggers are interested to write on your blogs.
  • Choose that topic about which there is some thing  new every month.
  • You should select that niche about which you can write at least once per week.
How to Start Micro Niche Blogs and Making Money From Them ?
After choosing perfect niche for your micro niche blogs, time to start from A – Z and making money from that.
  1. Select domain name related to your Micro niche blogs
  2. Use any good premium WordPress Theme to make your blog Like Theme Junkie.
  3. start writing 1 long post every week and It should be long minimum 500 words.
  4. Start promoting your blog through social media sites like Google Plus, Twitter etc.
  5. Start Inviting Guest Bloggers to write posts on your blog.
  6. Let visitors to comment on your blog for regular traffic.
  7. Add affiliate program related to niche of your blog.
By following all the techniques in your micro niche blogs you will definitely earn money from your blog regularly without any hard work and you'll make your blog More Profitable Blog.
As I studied on the internet the bloggers who run Micro niche blogs always make More Profitable blog , how much is depend on their afforts.
If you have some more Ideas about More Profitable Blog then please share below in comments. Thanks.


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