How Long Tail Keywords Multiple Blog’s Traffic?

Long Tail Keywords are the type of keywords mostly using by bloggers and seo experts which contains more than 3 words in it. Day by day use of the Long Tail Keywords are becoming popular among the bloggers.
What is the Difference between Generic & Long Tail Keywords ?
Generic Keyword contains 1 or 2 words in It.
 “Make Money
Long Tail Keywords contains 3 or more words in It.
 “Make Money Online From Home

How Long Tail Keywords Multiple Blog’s Traffic?

Use of the Long Tail Keywords really helps the bloggers in increasing traffic of their blogs multiple times by doing same efforts in content writing and blog promotion.
Only you need to do small research to find long tail keywords to multiple your blogs Targeted Traffic Free.
Know How Use of Long Tail Keywords work to Improve Return on Investment of your blog post title.
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Generic Keyword – “Money Making”
Long Tail Keywords – “Money Making Tips and Tricks”
If some one search the keyword – “Money Making” in the search engine then he will be find lof of searches and related posts about blogging related various topics.
But If some one search the Keyword - ”Money Making Tips and Tricks” in the search engine then he will find the posts only related to blogging tips and blogging tricks.
This shows search of the Long Tail Keywords gives the searcher the exact posts according to their search needs.
Brilliant bloggers can get huge advantage of it. They can use Long Tail Keywords in their blog titles.
If you follow this strategy of keywords at the time of creating a blog post title, then you can do more with same kind of content in your blog.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords for our Blog Post Title

After knowing the very little information about the very big importance of applying this kind of keywords in your blog we are going to describe how to find them to use in your title of blog post.
A - Google Adwords Keyword tool
Bloggers can make use of Google Adwords Keyword tool which I always use to search long tail keywords before writing my every post in my blog.
For Example – If you want to know more possible keywords with long tail related to Blogging, Then search only “Blogging” in keyword tool then you will find some more related searches to your search term Keyword Ideas up to 100. Some of them may be short tail and some of them may be Long Tail Keywords there. You can pick yours from there.
B –  Google Search Box
Take help from Google Search Box. I always take help of this.
For Example – If you want to find more keywords about “Blog Writing” then just type only”Blog Writing”  in Google Search Box then you will see there Google search automatically recommends you some more keywords related to”Blog Writing“ with more words.
Long Tail Keywords
This post about Use of Long Tail Keywords will be definitely helpful for those bloggers who want to make their blog more successful with less efforts. Thanks.


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