How Google Plus Is Useful For Blogging

Google plus is working just like oxygen for blogging business from last 1- 2 years. Every expert blogger is writing about advantages of Google plus for blogging and every new blogger want to know, how to get benefits from Google plus in getting success in Blogging Business. 
Most of the successful & famous bloggers says Google plus is the spinal cord for good future of any blog. You also have read at various blogs, but here I am going to describe in details in how many ways Google plus for blogging is must for and how many Adavantages of Google plus can be taken by bloggers.

 Google Plus for Blogging

There are many & many advantages of Google plus for blogging, but here we are going to discuss some top benefits.
1 – To Create Community 
Community is the biggest thing which is highly needed by the bloggers. In the field of blogging, it is very necessary for the bloggers to be keep in touch with other bloggers of at least same niche, If bloggers are in touch with other bloggers of other niches then this is the fantastic.
All this can happen when they create the community of the bloggers and now a days Google plus is the best place to develop a community in best way.
You just need to create a community and give it the related name to the community according to the purpose of developing it. And just start inviting peoples to join it.
In this way you and your blog will be noticed by the other bloggers and you will be able to make good relations with other bloggers. This Advantages of Google Plus for blogging related community development is very useful.
2 – To Get Free Direct Targeted Traffic
Traffic is the thing to get which every blogger do all possible efforts. And this goal can easily achievable with the help of Google plus.
Free traffic leads the all Advantages of Google Plus for blogging business. You just need to add more related peoples in your circles and say them to add you back in their circles.
Bloggers should share their every blog posts with their friends and in communities also to get free targeted traffic to their blogs. To get higher traffic from your every sharing try to be in maximum peoples circles which are related to you and your work.
By this strategy you will get huge traffic as an advantages of Google plus for blogging business.
3 – To Increase Search Engine Ranking
Higher search ranking with the help of Google plus is among major advantages of google plus for blogging. I personally feel and doing observation from long time on how Google plus helps the bloggers to get higher search ranking.
Some of my blog posts have less google pluses in numbers in starting & when ever number of Google pluses increases, search ranking of my blog posts also increases. This is my personal observation on search ranking of blog posts.
The main goal of seo is to get higher ranking and Google plus alone can help you to save your lot of time & money which you waste in seo. And automatic seo is also among great advantages of Google plus for blogging.
4 – To Show Bloggers Profile Photo ( Google Authorship ) in Search Engine 
Showing your identity in Google search with your profile photo can only be possible with the help of Google plus. Google plus helps the bloggers to create Google authorship by following some easy steps.
  1.  - Create about page in your blog or website.
  2.  - Add this about page in the contributor to section in your profile page.
  3.  - Go to Your WordPress profile, and add ( rel=”author” ) with URL of your Google plus profile.
This is also among top Advantages of Google plus for blogging business.
5 – To Make Your Brand Name with Google plus Page
Google plus page works just like Facebook page. Every blogger know the value of creating business pages in Social media sites.
Google plus pages gives same benefits of it. When ever bloggers share any blog posts in the Google plus pages they created, It shows in the front of all the peoples who did Plus or following this page.
Creating Google plus page with name of your blog or website or business make your blog branded, If your Google plus page has more pluses or followers on it, this shows your blog is more popular and great brand image in your niche.
All above mentioned advantages of Google plus for blogging are really good and effectively benefitial for bloggers. I have shared all advantages of Google plus for blogging according to my personal experience with Google plus.
If you really liked above advantages of google plus for blogging, please share it on social media sites, If you know some more advantages of Google plus for blogging, feel free to share in comments below. Thanks.


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