Uses of Microblogging Sites List

Microblogging sites are very trending among the bloggers because they may be very useful for the viral promotion of the blogs posts. Most of the successful bloggers always make use of high page rank microblogging sites list to share their every written post in their blogs. Here we are sharing  Microblogging sites list which may be very useful for the bloggers in doing successful online promotion of the blogs.

Top Microblogging Sites List

1 - Twitter -
This is the most popular micro blog across the world. For the survival of the blog, increasing followers in this micro blog and sharing of your every written post in your twitter account gives you quality back links with more traffic directly from the twitter users. This site is top from this microblogging sites list.
Page Rank – 10 , Alexa Rank – 10                                                                                                        
2 – -
This high page rank microblogging site gives the high pr back link with opportunity of describing in text also.
Page Rank – 8,  Alexa Rank – 32
3 –
The number of users of posterous are increasing day by day.
Microblogging Sites listPage Rank – 8, Alexa Rank – 1,090
4 – Friend Feed -
This micro blogging site is growing very rapidly. Most of the time I prefer to share my URL of the post in this site.
Page Rank – 7 , Alexa Rank – 1,549
5 – -
Plurk is among from the most famous micro blogs.
Page Rank – 7 , Alexa Rank – 1,985
6 –
This is some different kind of micro blog site which looks more interactive than other sites.
Page Rank – 8 , Alexa Rank  - 7,880
7 –
In my microblogging sites list, this site also plays a good role as the major micro blog.
Page Rank – 4, Alexa Rank – 25,388
8 –
I mostly use this for the post sharing. This is very easy to use.
Page Rank – 4, Alexa Rank – 62, 254
9 –
This site completes my microblogging sites list.
Page Rank – 4, Alexa Rank – 26,645
The above shared microblogging sites list is mostly used by me. And this microblogging sites list may be useful for other bloggers also in making online promotion of the blogs posts also.
Thank you very much. StaY tuned with Blogging masters to be a Master in blogging. 


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